I am a potter working in Austin, TX. I have a garage studio in South Austin where I spend my time making my own pottery.  I also work as a Production Lead at Keith Kreeger Studios where we make lots of pots for restaurants and home use.

I generally show my work twice a year during EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) and WEST (West Austin Studio Tour). I will post about any additional shows I am involved in. 

My functional pottery explores the joyful, yet temporary, moments in the life of plants. I draw inspiration from plants that remind me of important times and places in my life and I create patterns from sketches I have done. I am experimenting with two bodies of work right now. For the first, I am painting or carving 2D patterns onto the surface of functional forms. For the second, I am building up the surfaces of wheel thrown or hand built pots with 3D hand built flowers and plants. These pots are more decorative and less functional. They have more particular, special uses. 

I work with porcelain fired to a mid-range temperature. My forms are thrown on the wheel, thrown and altered, or hand built. The surfaces are hand painted with underglazes.